How It Woks

How It Woks

Keep reading to learn about the anatomical and physiological makeup of your penis.

Find out why our enlargement program is medically sound and completely within your reach.

The penis has three main chambers: two larger ones on top and one smaller chamber on the bottom. The medical terms for these chambers are: Corpus Cavernosum and Corpus Spongisum.

When you get an erection, blood fills these chambers. The main blood holding tissue is the Corpus Cavernosum. Your penis size is determined by the amount of expansion that occurs within this cavity. Once the maximum is reached, you are at full erection. This is where our program can benefit you. The tissue in this chamber can be safely increased in size, to improve your penis size and we show you how.

We provide you with full detailed instructions on the specialized exercise routines that develop the Corpus Cavernosum. As the tissue in this chamber increases, both in length and diameter, your penis will become larger. This is somewhat like working out in the gym, although your penis is not a muscle. The more you exercise, the better conditioned you become. The secret is knowing how to exercise. Consider us to be your personal trainers in this arena.

Within 10-14 days, you will start seeing amazing results. Your penis will begin to hang lower and have a more muscular appearance. As you continue with the exercises, you will notice other benefits. Increased circulation within the penis will stimulate your nerves, making your penis more sensitive and pleasurable during sex. It is common for many men to see a 1-inch increase in penis size within 4-5 weeks or less.

We also provide invaluable information on how to increase the size and volume of your ejaculations. Make each and every orgasm feel like thunder! Your penis will gain a very muscular look, both when erect and flaccid. You will “stand out” in any crowd.

With our detailed instructions, packed with videos, animations, and articles, it’s easy to follow the instructions and experience impressive results. We continually provide you with the latest cutting edge research and information for your benefit and enjoyment. We deliver the information you need. The latest tips and tricks are always available to you online, day or night. It’s all available to you free when you become a member.

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