Other Methods

You’ve seen other methods that claim to enlarge your penis. We present the facts about these programs and the dangers associated with each of them. We’ll explore how each works and relate the possible side effects that could affect you.

Vacuum Pumps

The theory behind this device is that it creates a vacuum and forces blood to flow into the penis, stimulating growth. Creating a vacuum anywhere on the body can cause blood vessels to rupture. This leads to complications and diseases such as Peyronie’s disease, which can be caused by trauma to the penis. Continual use of this device can lead to severe scarring, deformation, and loss of sensitivity.

Excercise vs Vacuum Pumps
Our program of exercise stimulates the penis, resulting in an increase of blood flow, naturally, without the use of potentially dangerous equipment. Our exercises will not only create a longer penis, but one that is thicker and more muscular looking. The stimulated blood flow promotes health and growth. Overall, our exercise program is vastly superior to any vacuum pump devices on the market. It’s natural. It’s healthy. And it’s effective.



·Much effort, little if any permanent result.
·Discouraging, causing many men to over pump, thinking that more is better. Wrong. ·Possible risk of blisters.
·Possible risk of burst capillaries.
·Possible risk of improper circulation to the testicles and penis.


Weight Hanging
One of the oldest concepts for penis enlargement in use today. The idea is too stretch the penis so that it grows. On the surface this may appear to work; however, the medical ramifications of this method are extremely hazardous. Stretching the penis causes tissue damage in the form of scarring. Continual use over the course of months or years will result in permanent damage. The results are much the same as the vacuum pump. Loss of sensitivity, possible scarring, and deformity will happen. The penis also gets an unhealthy, “stretched” appearance.

Excercises vs Weight Hanging
Exercise creates a penis that is large and thick. Weights may create a longer penis, but does not promote thickness nor a muscular look. Weight hanging does not promote increased blood flow. It simply stretches the penis and causes damage. Our program promotes a healthier penis, not stretching and scarring it. The penis just wasn’t meant to hang 20lb. weights from. Continual stretching with very heavy weights will make the penis appear more wormlike, and thin, instead of longer, thicker and healthier.



·Loss of sex drive.
·Decrease in penis size.
·Deformed looking penis.
·Terrible Scarring.
·Painful Erections.
·Permanent Impotence.
·Poor Circulation to Genitals.
·Extensive Nerve Damage.
·Risk Of Viral Infection.
·Psychological sexual problems.



Even with today’s advances in medical technology, this procedure is still one of the most dangerous and unsafe methods of penis enlargement. In our research, we were astounded by the failure rate. The neurological and cosmetic after-effects make surgery the least desirable option of all.


In some cases, the surgery resulted in an actual decrease in penis size. We feel it necessary to point out the dangers of penis surgery. The risks are so high; it shouldn’t ever be considered an option, except in extreme cases. One of the procedures to make the penis thicker is to inject fat into the penis. The body usually absorbs most of the fat, making it ineffective. The risk of infection is always present during these surgeries.

There are many surgical procedures that can be performed on the penis. Snipping of ligaments, fat transfer method, dermal graft augmentation. All of these involve high risk and little chance of success. Literally dozens of negative side effects usually occur during surgery. Deformity, Excessive scarring, and nerve damage are possible. The cost is excessive. The risks are monumental. Besides the physical dangers, if the surgery fails, the psychological risks do not warrant this as a viable option for penis enlargement.

Excercises vs Surgery
Cutting the penis, in all of it’s forms, is never safe and usually results in irreversible damage. Our unique, exercise methods are safe, natural, and permanent. We provide lifetime support and lifetime membership. There is no risk of scarring, nerve damage, or other potential injury to your penis.


XL-PENIS, the best option
As we have shown, other devices and methods of penis enlargement are ineffective and, in some cases, extremely unsafe. Exercising the penis, using our plan, is the natural way to increase your penis length, width, and musculature. Our program promotes increased blood circulation, nerve growth, and stronger erections. By stimulating the prostate, we also increase the amount you ejaculate and promote greater health, well into old age. There are no strange contraptions you have to use. No painful surgery. There is no software to download, and it’s totally private. It’s completely within your reach!